Round pressure balance shower valve faucet with diverter | SP102 22

Import the round pressure balance shower valve faucet with diverter from Lanerdi – the China faucet manufacturer, no middle man, cost-effective, high-quality.


Stainless steel 304

Shower valve type

Pressure balance valve

Number of outlet

2 Way

Number of handles

2 Handle


5 years


  •  Lanerdi round pressure balance shower valve faucet with diverter combines simple round lines and superior performance, classic modeling and never goes out of style.
  • The handle works upward through a 23° orc, the temperature angle of the temperature is 100°, maximum hot through 50° clockwise, minimum cold through 50° in the opposite direction
  • Adjustable temperature limit stop to control the maximum hot water temperature
  • The pressure compensation mechanism maintains the selected discharge temperature at ±2℃
  • The pressure balance shower valve maintains consistent water temperature and smoothness to avoid burning.
  • The cartridge is pre-installed in the valve body and the entire installation is shipped, simplifying the installation steps and reducing the risk of water leaks.
  • High-quality ceramic cartridge ensures long, leak-free, and smooth handle operation
  • During the safety stop, accessories can be replaced without turning on the main water switch.
  • Round design trim kit, suitable for the classic bathroom.
  • Offer a variety of surface treatments to provide more options for your kitchen decoration. All surface treatments have passed the 24-hour acid spray test even after years of use without peeling phenomenon.