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China Stainless Steel Faucet Factory

With decades of experience in projects, wholesale, and retail, we understand what our customers want. The stainless steel faucets and accessories we offer are the reflection of our acquired taste and years of research. Lanerdi products are designed and crafted by using the best and strongest components around the world.
The wide product range includes stainless steel kitchen faucets, stainless steel bathroom faucets, stainless steel showers, and other accessories. 
Our extensive and unique variety of products ensures maximum comport, premium design, and optimum functionality that appeal to every taste.
Let us be part of your next strategy partner, we are confident that our experienced staff can be of great help.
  • Quality Guarantee
    Limited lifetime warranty and after sales service for each product
  • Low MOQ
    Minimum order quantity as low as 50 sets of each product
  • Fast delivery
    within 35 days for large shipments, within 7 days for sample orders.
  • Customized service
    Free design of catalogs, color boxes, videos, VR, and more.
  • Professional team
    Lanerdi team is always at your service to solve your confusion​​​​​.
  • Cost-effective
    High-quality stainless steel faucet products at a reasonable price​​​​​
  • Free sample
    You can get a free sample to confirm the quality before order
  • High productivity
    Monthly production capacity of 100,000 sets

Lanerdi Faucet Factory Certifications


  • LANERDI is a China faucet factory specializing in the production of stainless steel bathroom faucets, stainless steel kitchen faucets, and faucet accessories, has 19 years of experience in the production of faucets, focuses on exporting to all countries around the world, all products are in line with international certification, UPC, cUPC, NSF, CEC, AB1953, CE, WRAS, ACS, DVGW, KTW.

    LANERDI is committed to improving our daily life and giving you a good faucet experience. From innovative design to high quality products, we never stop bringing you the best. Committed to sustainability, including the use of quality accessories, reducing the frequency of your replacement, easy-to-clean materials, relatively environmentally friendly plating treatment technology, and minimizing the impact on the environment.

    From products to packaging to service, we strive for quality and efficiency. Our manufacturing process meets the industry's excellent standards, first-class materials, the best accessories in the industry, strict testing, and comprehensive quality control to ensure that every product can meet your satisfaction.

    LANERDI's goal is to create products that make people feel comfortable, secure, and practical, constantly innovating, and improving technology, to create a better kitchen and bathroom experience for you.
For 19 years faucet factory in producing and designing stainless steel faucets and accessories


Over 19 years of experience in the process of manufacturing stainless steel taps and accessories, offering the best prices and a professional and customised after-sales service
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