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Stainless steel bathroom and kitchen faucet manufacturer

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Are you a sanitary ware wholesaler who would like to expand your business by wholesale faucets?

Or you are a project contractor who is planning to order a batch of faucets for your project?

Or you want to start a side business at Amazon or Wayfair?

LANERDI stainless Steel Faucet Manufacturer offers you the best price for your kitchen faucet and bathroom faucet!

There is also a professional service team to meet your different needs for products, such as pictures, videos, brochure, animation and so on.

LANERDI support OEM & ODM, if you have your own faucet design and are looking for an experienced faucet manufacturer for mass production,

we are glad to help you! You know, LANERDI is a specialist in the production of stainless steel faucets, able to produce your faucets at an economical cost

and with high quality.

What can Lanerdi faucet manufacturer do?

LANERDI specializes in the production of stainless steel faucets and accessories, quality 304 stainless steel raw materials, with limited lifetime quality warranty.

what can lanerdi do

  • Low MOQ (Minimum Order Quantity)

    For the existing products of LANERDI.

    The minimum order quantity should reach 500 PCS for OEM & ODM customized product


  • Comprehensive customization service

    LANERDI has a professional R & D and design team, we can customize the color box, label, video, product shooting, brochure and so on for you.


  • Various color options for surface treatment

    chrome, matte black, satin, brushed gold, rose gold, gun metal. You can choose a color mix, such as chrome handle + black body.

    Other finish colors include: white, polish nickel, antique copper, oil rubbed bronze (ORB),

    but these will need to be customized in quantities up to 500 sets each.

stainless steel kitchen faucet multi color


The kitchen faucet is one of the indispensable products in every family. A quality kitchen faucet can bring you a better experience and last longer.

All of LANERDI kitchen faucets are made of 304 stainless steel, which is strong and durable.

As a one stop shopping faucet manufacturer, LANERDI offers the following kitchen faucets types: Single handle standard kitchen faucet, bar kitchen faucet, pull out or pull down kitchen faucet, sensor kitchen faucet, and pot filler.

High quality accessories, such as Neoperl ABS aerator, Sedal or Kerox ceramic cartridge, Tucai inlet supply hose, with worldwide insurance support.

Provide deck plate and soap dispenser, expand your kitchen faucet features.

Supports multiple color finishes: chrome, matte black, satin, brushed gold, rose gold, gun metal.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact LANERDI.

K546 01 16 2 / SATIN

K149 01 30 2 / BRUSHED GOLD

K134 01 01 2 / CHROME

K163A 01 31 2 / MATTE BLACK

K128 03 37 2 / GUN METAL

stainless steel bathroom faucet multi color


Currently, LANERDI mainly offers: single handle basin faucet, vessel basin faucet, exposed thermostatic shower mixer & exposed thermostatic shower set. More bathroom faucets are being developed to meet the increasing demand.

Are you wondering if the faucet you bought matches your bathroom style? LANERDI offers VR Panorama services to provide a more intuitive experience, allowing you to experience the beauty and uniqueness of the bathroom faucet as if you were there.

Like the stainless steel kitchen faucets, all of our stainless steel bathroom faucets support multiple color finishes: chrome, matte black, satin, brushed gold, rose gold, gun metal.

B231 02 31 2 / MATTE BLACK

B204 02 37 2 / GUN METAL

B205 02 30 2 / BRUSHED GOLD

B988 02 16 2 / STAIN

B255 02 01 2 / CHROME

How to produce stainless steel faucet?

LANERDI faucet manufacturer production guidelines are: no acceptance of defective products, no manufacturing of defective products, and no delivery of defective products.

Stainless steel faucet production process:

Cutting - machining - welding - polishing - electroplating - assembly - water test - packaging - quality testing

Below is a detailed description of each process:

  • Cutting:

    Using of high quality 304 stainless steel raw materials, mechanized production, reduce errors, improve product quality standards.


    cutting process - faucet manufacturer | LANERDI 

  • Machining:

    Processed each workpiece with CNC machine, and other machine tools, make the workpiece to achieve the desired dimensional accuracy and shape position accuracy and meet the requirements of the drawing


    machining process - faucet manufacturer | LANERDI 


  • Welding:

    Laser welding, more firm, and the interface is more flat, but also to maintain excellent tightness.


    welding process - faucet manufacturer | LANERDI 


  • Polishing:

    LANERDI have professional polishing workers - use of high-speed rotation polishing wheel to grind the workpiece surface, make it smooth and bright.


    polishing process - faucet manufacturer | LANERDI 


  • Electroplating:

    After polishing, it is necessary to process the surface treatment of the casting. The surface treatment technology mainly includes PVD (Physical Vapor Deposition), ORB(Oil Rubber Bronze), Plating, etc.

    Electroplating can enhance the corrosion resistance of faucets, increase hardness, prevent wear, and increase the appearance of the surface.

    The quality of electroplating surface treatment can be determined by 24 hours acetic acid salt spray test, and coating thickness tester can be used to identify the thickness of metal coating. Generally speaking, the products can pass salt spray test when coating thickness is up to standard.

    Electroplating is a very polluting and energy consuming process, a great number of faucet manufacturer outsource the process to a professional plating factory, thus increasing the production time and the difficulty of control.

  • Assembly:

    Enter the assembly process after the faucet casting electroplating is up to the standards.

    Assembly is the process of connect all faucet accessories and components according to certain order to become a complete faucet products, and reliably realize the function what the faucet product design for.

    Assembly is the final stage of faucet production, and the quality of the product (from product design, component manufacturing to product assembly) finally guaranteed and tested through assembly.


     assembly process - faucet manufacturer | LANERDI


  • Quality testing:

    After the faucets are finished, the QC inspector will spot-check the products. The inspection items include smooth casting surface, thread surface, appearance quality, assembly in place and no loosening, complete marks, qualified cartridge sealing test, and faucet sealing performance test.


    QC process - faucet manufacturer | LANERDI

Well-known top 10 faucet brand list:

When you are going to buy faucet, might not know which one to choose, or to be precise, have no idea which faucet brand should choose,

actually each faucet brand provided quality guarantee, no need to worry about the quality.

In addition to some production lines reserved by European and American faucet brands, most of the production of faucets has been transferred to

Mexico, Malaysia, China and other regions in recent years.

The production factory of international famous faucet brands in mainland China is mainly distributed in the coastal areas.

There is lots of faucet brands, cannot list them all one by one, just listed a few well-known brands



Since 1873, Kohler Co. has been improving the level of gracious living by providing exceptional products and services for our customers' homes and their lifestyles.

We believe better business and a better world go hand-in-hand. Fueled by the passion of more than 36,000 associates worldwide,

Kohler strive to enhance the quality of life for current and future generations through design, craftsmanship and innovation.

Kohler has more than 50 factories around the world, mainly producing Kohler bathtubs, washbasins, toilets, faucets and other sanitary products.

delta logo


Delta was founded in 1954, headquartered in Indianapolis, USA, is the core enterprise of Masco which is the largest home furnishing and decoration group in the United States, with annual sales of more than $1 billion.

Delta products adhering to the consistent spirit of innovation, with superior quality and elegant design in Europe and the United States.

Delta has more than 50 years of professional experience and is committed to innovation and development to deliver superior products and quality of life to you.

Delta's products are being used by more and more families in the United States and around the world, and are far more popular than any other brand.

Up to now, more than 200 million Delta faucets have been installed worldwide.

With a number of patents and innovations in the faucet market, Delta has been the most recognized and purchased brand in the U.S. market



At TOTO, always been inspired by a desire to improve everyone’s quality of life.

Through almost a century rich with innovation, TOTO has changed the perception of what a bathroom can be - and how it can be used.

Their founder, Kazuchika Okura, had a vision more than one hundred years ago in 1912, before the concept of public sewage systems was widespread in Japan.

After seeing more advanced systems overseas, he was moved to establish a ceramic sanitary ware laboratory to develop healthier and cleaner living spaces.

In 1917, Okura founded Toyo Toki K.K. (which became known as TOTO LTD.) to supply the market with these products.

TOTO was founded on a commitment to provide a comfortable living space for people, while always protecting the planet and its water.

Japan’s rich artistic heritage in pottery and porcelain is alive in every TOTO product we create today.

Throughout our expansion worldwide, TOTO has remained true to the Japanese traditions that have shaped our Company Motto and Philosophy.




In 1939, the founder of American Moen - Al Moen invented the world's first single-handle mixed cold and hot water faucet. People compared this invention with Edison's invention of electric light and Bell's invention of telephone. It was rated as one of the 100 best inventions in the 20th century in the United States by the international "FORTUNE" magazine.

Moen, an American brand of kitchen and bathroom, is widely used in high-end residential buildings, senior hotels, villas, apartments, commercial office buildings and all kinds of public buildings. Moen products are well known to the plumbing industry and ordinary residents in the United States and Canada, and Moen is also a well-known brand in North America with a high purchase rate specified by the public.

In the world, Moen products achieve a high reputation and much preference of users around the world, with its exquisite technology, advanced technology, perfect after-sales service



With 33 companies and 22 sales offices all over the world, Hansgrohe is one of the few global players in the sanitation industry. In 2018, it employed roughly 4,700 staff and achieved a turnover of 1.081 billion euros. Alongside “AXOR”, “HANSGROHE” is one of the brands owned by the Hansgrohe Group。

Tap and shower specialist Hansgrohe is a company rich in tradition. Founder Hans Grohe started out small in 1901, with a metal pressing workshop in Schiltach in the Black Forest. The creative hub and the company headquarters are still based there today. But nowadays, the hansgrohe brand that “Clever Hans” created enjoys a worldwide reputation: The products are used and appreciated the world over.

The Hansgrohe Group, which has a broad international base, manufactures in Germany, France, China and the USA. It generates around 77% of its turnover outside of Germany and supplies products to more than 140 countries.

(via. https://www.hansgrohe.com/)

Grohe LOGO


Grohe is a German kitchen and bathroom brand, providing bathroom overall solutions and kitchen products.

Founded in 1936 and headquartered in Dusseldorf, Germany, has more than 6,000 employees in more than 130 countries and regions around the world,

and set up representative offices and sales network to meet the needs of customers.

The technology, innovation and design involved in the products of Grohe are all from Germany, and the products are produced through the global production network.

During the production process, the products adopt high precision technology to meet the global uniform high standard,

to ensure that the products meet the strict technical and functional requirements.

Grohe product design center was established in 1997 and located in Dusseldorf, Germany, is a pioneer and leader in the bathroom, water heater and air conditioning products industry.

In addition to providing leading-edge design for all high quality products, the center also provides an exhibition hall of product design, architecture and visual arts for the industry



Roca was founded in 1917 in Spain.

Its headquarters and global design & innovation center are located in Barcelona, Spain.

Roca manufactures and sells high-end sanitary ware, include the ceramic tile, heating system and air conditioning industries. Products has been widely used in the world's top hotels and high-end residential. Roca has more than 40 factories all over the world, set up operating agencies in more than 50 countries. Roca's business covers more than 100 countries and regions around the world. has become the world's largest bathroom products group company


American Standard

Making life healthier, safer and more beautiful at home, at work, around town and throughout the world that is the vision of American Standard. For over 140 years, exuding a passion about plumbing and the bigger problems it can solve, the Company has raised the standard by constantly innovating to improve the quality of everyday life.

American Standard is a leading North American plumbing and building products manufacturer. The Company produces high performing fixtures, stylish faucets and sinks, plus whirlpool tubs and other wellness products for the bath and kitchen.

American Standard services a wide range of both residential and commercial customers, effectively delivering water saving products that are used for new construction and replacement/remodeling projects. Products are distributed nationwide through an extensive network of plumbing wholesalers and showrooms, do-it-yourself home centers, retail and hardware stores, specialty merchants and online retailers.

Offering total project solutions for residential and commercial customers, products are marketed under the brand names American Standard, DXV, Safety Tubs, Crane Plumbing, Eljer, Fiat and Decorative Panels International.

American Standard operates under the business unit LIXIL Water Technology, which is the world’s largest and most global leader in sanitary ware. This division operates in 50 countries, managing 50 production facilities and two R&D centers globally. Lixil Water Technology business brands include: LIXIL, INAX, GROHE, American Standard, and JAXSON.

(via. www.americanstandard-us.com)



INAX is a Japanese brand that manufactures innovative sanitary ware and artistic ceramic tiles.

The history of INAX can be traced back over 100 years when our forefathers worked on producing the tiles for the second main building of the Imperial Hotel designed by the architect Frank Lloyd Wright. By determining the properties of clay and the impact of fire, through numerous trials, they succeeded in the large-scale production of the decorative tiles, which became the foundation of INAX. Since then, we have continuously pursued to deliver products for new and better living, engaging in challenging innovations including the first made-in-Japan shower toilet, self-powered hands-free faucet, and interior tiles that freshen the air in the room. Meanwhile, INAX has also cultivated the skills to produce tiles that offer sophisticated expressions through delicate coloring and texture inspired by Japanese tradition, culture, and the seasonal changes of nature, as well as build on its expertise in designing the overall space using tiles and pursue product designs that fit well with the surrounding architecture.

INAX creates beautiful, innovative bathrooms from Japan that make everyday life easier, healthier and more enjoyable, enabling everyone to live well.(via. https://www.inax.com/)


Villeroy Boch

Villeroy Boch is an innovative company with a long tradition – and one of the most important brands in Germany, Europe and the world.

Since its foundation in 1748, the ceramic producer has developed into an international lifestyle brand. Like very few other premium brands, Villeroy & Boch is deeply rooted in European culture. And, in the way that only a great brand can do, it has understood how to preserve its identity while still moving with the times.

Villeroy & Boch produces innovative and stylish products to enhance people's lives, provide continuous inspiration and open up new horizons for truly personalized interior design.


Why Choose LANERDI Faucet Manufacturer?

Each product produced by LANERDI comes with limited lifetime quality guarantee, plus a 2% extra spare part for special cases, when your order quantity is over 100 sets.

In order to ensure the quality of products, each process is set with rigorous production standards.

Starting from raw materials, each products or accessories will be check after each process, to ensure that problems can be found and solved in time.

The finished products will go through the last quality inspection before transportation, about 30% of the order quantity will be selected for inspection.

The inspection items include: appearance inspection, surface treatment inspection, product size, assembly effect, air tightness test, water flow test, tooth standard test, etc

Check out The video below to learn more about LANERDI - The Stainless Steel Faucet Manufacturer

why choose LANERDI faucet manufacturer

  • Higher cost performance

    LANERDI faucet manufacturer has a faucet factory in Xinhui, Guangdong, China.

    Our factory covers an area of 10,000 square meters and has more than 80 workers, with a monthly output of 30,000 sets.

    Our rich production experience and cost control make our products highly cost-effective.

  • Professional Service

    One-stop custom service, a professional service team can create almost all the data to help you understand or sell faucets,

    including instructions, explosions, color boxes, product scenes, videos, VR and so on.


  • Available Best Quality

    To ensure the best product performance and durability. LANERDI faucet manufacturer has the strictest quality control process and best raw materials

  • Fast delivery

    LANERDI faucet manufacturer monthly products reach 30,000 sets. We have made a certain amount of inventory for each type of products, in order to ensure the delivery time of each of our customers.


Over 19 years of experience in the process of manufacturing stainless steel faucets, showers and accessories.
Offering cost-effective prices and a professional and customized after-sales service, low MOQ, fast delivery, OEM & ODM are available.
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