• Product Videos

    We will show you the performance and effluent effect of our products in the form of video, so that you can experience our faucet more intuitively.
    Product videos are growing all the time, follow us for the latest faucet product videos.
    At the same time, we can customize the videos for you. We have a professional post-production team to create the exclusive video for you, laying the groundwork for your business promotion.
    product videos introduction
  • Brochures

    Every year we will design two or three catalogs, which contain our current popular styles and new products. 
    Also make different versions according to different markets, because each place has different preferences, so it is better to screen out the ones you like.
    At the same time, we can customize the catalog or brochure for you, LANERDI have a professional design and service team to create your own catalog.
    stainless steel faucet brochures view