Hand touch control rose gold pull down kitchen faucet with sensor Hand touch control rose gold pull down kitchen faucet with sensor


Hand touch control rose gold pull down kitchen faucet with sensor

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LANERDI hand touch control rose gold pull down kitchen faucet with sensor has a wide range of finish options, utilizing various technologies:

  • fully automated polishing and brushing plating line

  • electrostatic powder coating line

  • PVD capabilities that allow for a vast range of different finishes

  • 24h acid salt spray test pass

Provide chrome, satin, matte black, gun metal, brush gold, rose gold surface treament and practically any other finish possible.

Hand touch control chrome pull down kitchen faucet with sensor


Hand touch control brushed steel pull down kitchen faucet with sensor


Hand touch control matte black pull down kitchen faucet with sensor

Matte black

Hand touch control gun metal pull down kitchen faucet with sensor

Gun metal

Hand touch control brushed gold pull down kitchen faucet with sensor

Brushed gold

Hand touch control rose gold pull down kitchen faucet with sensor

Rose gold


  • Whether regulating water flow, preventing waste or avoiding contamination, the hand touch control rose gold pull down kitchen faucet with sensor offer a reliable, convenient solution that's easy to use and control. There is a complete set of models designed to fit in every kitchen pull-out faucet.

  • Lanerdi the hand touch control rose gold pull down kitchen faucet with sensor offer unmatched performance and industry-leading durability - all backed by our reputation for reliability, provide limited lifetime product quality warranty.

  • All touch sensor kitchen faucets undergo rigorous cycle testing throughout the production line, so you can rest assured that Lanerdi faucets stand up to any environment.

  • The standard gooseneck high arc, ADA single handle design and size provides ample convenience for your daily use and can be cleaned to every part of the kitchen sink by the pull down sprayer.

  • Touch sensor technology, you can touch it by your finger, wrist, elbow, anywhere to start or shut down its water discharge function (but keep the faucet handle in the open state).

  • Power supply through 4pcs of No. 5 battery pack, no need to connect the plug, more secure. Wall-mounted design, space-saving.

  • Meet cUPC, NSF, AB1953 certification, so you can use more confidence.

  • Soft, easy-pull spray head provides maximum maneuverability, with ultra-smooth retraction and secure docking so you can reach all around the sink.

  • Soft rubber nozzles allow you to wipe away lime scale build-up for a long-lasting optimized flow.

  • Installed under the counter, simple and straightforward, this setup enables you to install alone, you can do it yourself, even though you may have never installed a faucet before.

  • All 304 stainless steel construction provides excellent stability and durability with industry advanced Sedal ceramic cartridge with a service life of more than 500,000 times, provide limited lifetime quality guarantee.

  • Provide a variety of surface treatments to bring more diverse options for your kitchen decoration, all of the surface treatments have passed the 24 hours acid spray test, even after years of use without peeling phenomenon.


  • Stainless steel 304 material full construction for hand touch control rose gold pull down kitchen faucet with sensor

  • Includes faucet body, control box, battery box, total of three parts

  • Lifetime free of drips and leaks ceramic disk cartridge with international certification

  • Rose gold finish(24h acid slat spray test pass)

  • Deck plate installation available

  • ADA compliant lever handles for smooth control

  • 360 degree rotating spout to reach everywhere of kitchen sink

  • 1.6m black nylon braided pull down hose(quick connect installation)

  • Spray & Stream functions ABS spray head (easy clean nozzles, with check valve)

  • Flexible pull out sprayer with smooth operation,easy movement and docking(with 420g weigh kit)

  • Flexible PEX 70cm *M8 * 1 * DN6 hot and cold supply lines with 3/8" or 9/16" compression fittings

  • Include red/blue indicator


  • Water usage is limited to these maximun flow rates as indicated by the corresponding product markings

  • For North America: 1.8gpm max (6.8L/min) at 60 psi

  • For California: 1.8gpm max (6.8L/min) at 60 psi


  • Certified to CUPC

  • Certified to AB1953

  • Certified to NSF/ANSI 61

  • ADA for lever handle


  • 5 years limited quality guarantee



high-end ceramic cartridge which LANERDI use

supply line with global insurance protection

neoperl aerator for excellent water flow

  • Flow rate:              1.8 gpm @ 60psi

  • Spout Height:        234.74mm(9  1/4")

  • Spout Reach:         219.45mm(8  5/8")

  • Overall Height:      452mm(17  13/16")

  • Supply Line:           included PEX braided supply lines

  • Pull out hose:         1.6m black nylon hose

  • Deck thickness:      MAX 40mm(1  1/2")

  • Fitting Type:           3/8" or 9/16" compression fitting

  1. Power supply method?

    Conventional 4 section #5 batteries.


  2. The normal life of the battery?

    6-8 months in public places, about 1 year at home (need to be equipped with a better battery, depending on the battery situatio.


  3. Does the sensing element suitable for all faucets?

    No, all faucets must be tested, and accessories must be provided by Lanerdi faucet manufacturer.


  4. What happens when there is no power?

    When the Sensing element have no power, the faucet will switch to the ordinary pull down faucet mode, then only through the handle switch to control the water, will restore the touch function after reinstall new batteries.


  5. The water will come out when my kitten and puppy touched it? What should do when forget to turn off the water?

    Like the weight and capacitance of the cat generally cannot trigger out of water, but large dogs can.

    The normal way to trigger out of the water need to touch and then finger should keep off, dogs are difficult to complete this action command.

    Even if it did, we have a 3-minute water shut-off time limit to protect.


  6. There are children always keep touching the faucet, will be bad?

    Unconventional touching the faucet for many times will make the faucet into lock mode, directly make no water.

    The lock mode will end after 5 seconds of inactivity and return to the normal state.


  7. Can I use hot water for the faucet?

    Yes, the faucet itself is equipped with hot and cold water inlet, through the handle to adjust the temperature.


  8. Can I turn it on by touch with wet hands?



  9. Why doesn't the faucet respond when I hold it?

    Gripping the faucet for long time will make the faucet into the cleaning mode, then no matter how to touch is invalid, after the end of cleaning, just release your hand for 3 seconds to restore the normal state.


  10. Can it be turn on by touching any part of the body?

    Any part of the body can be, it is not possible to touch it through clothes or insulated objects.


  11. Do I need to turn off the handle after each use?

    After normal use do not need to turn off the handle, it is suggested to turn off when you go out for a long time. It is not necessary to turn off the handle switch in your daily use, the solenoid valve can lock the water.


  12. Can the whole faucet be touch to turn on?

    The pull-out head and handle cannot be touch to turn on. The main body and any part of the bend can be touch to turn on.


  13. Is it difficult to install?

    Like normal pull down kitchen faucets, the highly integrated design can be installed in less than 2 minutes.


  14. Does the sensing element have safety hazards?

    The sensing element has a number of test reports, and has CE/ROHS and other certifications, the maximum safety voltage does not exceed 6V, harmless to human body and no obvious touch.

  15. Will the sensing element break down due to humidity and overheating?

    No, the sensing element has a good internal hermetic electronic package, normal humidity and high temperature weather will not affect it.


  16. Can I change the sensing element to use on other faucets?

    No, each faucet corresponds to a different model, accessories, non-original faucet may cause damage to the sensing element.

  17. What should I do if I find that the water flow is insufficient or no water is coming out?

    Check whether the hot and cold water pressure is normal or not.

    If normal, check if the aerator and hot and cold water supply line is blocked or not。

  18. The hand touch control rose gold pull down kitchen faucet with sensor will be no response after a long time used? Like the public toilet infrared sensor faucet.

    No, the hand touch faucet is turn on through the human electrostatic, there is no light-sensitive area, just make sure the battery is charged.


  19. The service life of solenoid valve?

    Solenoid valve can be used for more than 300,000 times in the laboratory test. The actual service life related to water quality and service environment.

  20. How often do I need to clean the filter?

    It is recommended to clean the filter gasket every six months and replace the filter gasket once a year.

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