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Gun metal under counter liquid soap dispenser for kitchen sink

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LANERDI has a wide range of finish options, utilizing various technologies:

fully automated polishing and brushing plating line, electrostatic powder coating line,

and PVD capabilities that allow for a vast range of different finishes,

such as chrome, satin, matt black, brush brass, rose gold, gun metal and practically any other finish possible.

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Matte black

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Brush gold

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Rose gold

This easy-push refillable stainless steel gun metal under counter liquid soap dispenser for kitchen sink with plastic bottle is the perfect complement for your kitchen faucet.The high-capacity bottle can feed into liquid soap, lotion, or detergent, and refills from above the counter for maximum convenience.Threaded installation ensures no leakage of liquid from the bottle.The nozzle can rotate 360 degrees, so you can place the nozzle wherever you need it.The universal design complements any decoration style and match with all LANERDI kitchen faucets.Customize the look with your choice of flawless rust-resistant finishes.


  • 304 stainless steel durable construction:strong pump and PE plastic bottle for reliable long-lasting functionality

  • Multi-purpose dispenser can be used for soap, lotion, or liquid detergent

  • Refills from top: Pump lifts up and dispenser bottle refills from the top, with no need to go under the kitchen sink counter.

  • Self-priming pump: Easy-push self-priming pump for easy use:

  • Corrosion and rust-resistant: Durable triple-plated finish is corrosion and rust-resistant, exceeding industry durability standards, it make LANERDI’S products look new even after few years using.

  • SPOUT REACH: Soap dispenser spout extends 3 3/8 inches, rotates 360 degrees for maximum sink access.

  • Easy installation: The use of hidden screw installation method to maximize the preservation of the integrity of the appearance. With limited lifetime quality guarantee.



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