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Faucet manufacturer ISO certifcated

ISO is the English acronym for an organization whose full name is International Organization for Standardization.


ISO is the world's largest international standardization organization. It was founded on February 23, 1947, and its predecessor was the International Federation of Standardization Associations (ISA), which was established in 1928 and was responsible for standardization activities in all fields except electrical and electronic.


IEC, the International Electrotechnical Commission, was established in 1906 in London, England, and is the world's earliest international standardization organization, which is mainly responsible for standardization activities in the electrical and electronic fields.


ISO states that its purpose is "to promote the development of standardization and its related activities in the world in order to facilitate the international exchange of goods and services and cooperation in the intellectual, scientific, technical and economic fields."

ISO, as an international standardization organization, is composed of national standardization groups from more than 100 countries around the world.


ISO and IEC as a group are tasked with developing global consensus international standards. ISO and IEC are non-governmental organizations, and the standards they develop are essentially voluntary, which means that these standards must be excellent standards, and that they bring benefits to industry and services, so they use them consciously.


ISO and IEC are not United Nations bodies, but they maintain technical liaison relationships with many specialized agencies of the United Nations. ISO and IEC have about 1,000 specialized technical committees and subcommittees, and member countries participate in these technical committees and subcommittees on a national basis.


ISO and IEC also have about 3000 working groups, which develop and revise 1000 international standards every year.

Standards cover a wide range of content, from basic fasteners and bearings of various raw materials to semi-finished and finished products, and their technical areas involve information technology, transportation, agriculture, health care and the environment.


Each working unit has its own work plan, the plan lists the need to develop standard items (test methods, terminology, specifications, performance requirements, etc.)

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