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DVGW certificated

DVGW (Deutsche Vereinigung des Gas- und Wasserfaches e.V. - Technisch-wissenschaftlicher Verein) is the abbreviation for the German Association for Technology and Science in the Gas and Water Industry.It is a non-governmental, neutral organization dedicated to the technological development of the gas and water industry.

It has been involved in the development of German and European industry standards since its inception and has always focused on technical safety, hygiene and environmental protection, maintaining its international leadership in water and gas safety technology. Its long experience, technological leadership and social responsibility have been unanimously approved by the society and have won extensive international honors.

It has made a great contribution to the development of standards integration in the integration of the European market, and has thus become one of the first technical standardization organizations in Europe

The main certification for sanitary products (like bathroom taps and kitchen taps)entering Germany is DVGW certification, which is issued by DVGW. For sanitary products, DVGW divides them into 43 categories and hundreds of sub-categories, which represent the corresponding technical standards, while for products related to drinking water, they also need to meet the requirements of KTW recommendations for UBA control and W270 rules prepared by DVGW.

If the parts of the product have KTW and W270 certificates, then the technical document test and factory audit can be carried out directly; if the parts do not have KTW and W270 certificates, then it is also necessary to meet the test requirements of KTW and W270 standards before the next test work can be carried out. At present, DVGW recognizes 27 laboratories for technical standards testing, 4 laboratories for KTW recommended testing and 4 laboratories for W270 rules testing. The main focus is on Germany, in addition to the Netherlands, Belgium, and Austria.

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