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Shower panels

Are you looking for a new stainless steel shower panel system to complete your bathroom?

Lanerdi brings you cost-effective and elegant shower panels.A stainless steel shower panel is a shower system that brings many functions together and takes up a relatively small amount of wall space compared to a concealed shower, so you can hang your towels or get a shelf or something in the spare space.

These shower screens can cover almost all types of showering in a complete container, for example, rainfall and waterfall shower head, multifunction handheld hand shower, massage body jets, bathtub spout.

When you turn on the shower, the stainless steel shower panels are adjusted by a rotary button that allows the water to come out in all directions, allowing your whole body to relax and get maximum comfort and satisfaction.You can choose from these styles and rest assured that our products are excellent value for money and come with a five-year guarantee.