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Wall hanging gunmetal toilet bowl brush and holder

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LANERDI's wall hanging gunmetal toilet bowl brush and holder has a wide range of finish options, utilizing various technologies:

Fully automated polishing and brushing plating line, electrostatic powder coating line

And PVD capabilities that allow for a vast range of different finishes

Such as chrome, satin, matt black, brush brass, rose gold, gun metal and practically any other finish possible.

Wall hanging chrome toilet bowl brush and holder


Wall hanging satin toilet bowl brush and holder

Brushed steel

Wall hanging matte black toilet bowl brush and holder

Matte black

Wall hanging gunmetal toilet bowl brush and holder

Gun metal

Wall hanging brushed gold toilet bowl brush and holder

Brushed gold

Wall hanging rose gold toilet bowl brush and holder

Rose gold


  • This wall hanging gunmetal toilet bowl brush and holder is made of high-quality 304 stainless steel with excellent resistance to oxidation, making your bathroom clean and functional

  • Perfectly matched with other BOEING bathroom accessories to meet your design and decorating needs, whether you want a classic or contemporary style, BOEING can help you create a unified and harmonious bathroom environment.

  • Equipped with a glass bowl, brush and 304 stainless steel attachment ring, and the hardware needed to mount the stand.

  • High quality hand polished to ensure durability, reliability and resistance to rust, corrosion and scratches.

  • Thick, frosted glass bowl adds weight and stability to ensure durability.

  • The bowl is removable for easy cleaning.

  • The wall hanging gunmetal toilet bowl brush and holder has a dense, evenly distributed grid and strong, tough white bristles for cleaning the rim of the toilet and other hard-to-reach areas

  • Hidden screw installation to ensure the integrity of the appearance


  • Product type: wall hanging toilet brush and holder

  • 304 stainless steel construction: heavy duty design for long-lasting durability + glass bowl

  • Wall hanging design for convenience and organization.

  • Create a harmonious design with matching Boeing bathroom accessories, including robe hook, toilet paper holder, towel ring, towel bar, and bathroom shelf.

  • Corrosion-resistant finish: Durable triple-plated finish is corrosion and rust-resistant, exceeding industry durability standards, it make LANERDI’S products look new even after few years using.

  • Easy installation: The use of hidden screw installation method to maximize the preservation of the integrity of the appearance.

  • Ensuring our excellence, provide limited lifetime warranty.

* * P.S. If you encounter difficulties during installation or use, you can contact us via email or phone for more support, Lanerdi have a dedicated person to solve your problems.



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