Add elegant style to any bathroom with the stainless steel bathroom basin faucets and stainless steel bathroom accessories
A stunning combination of clean, refined lines gives the classically inspired a timeless appearance.
Featuring an eco-friendly aerator for maximum water savings. Quality goes hand in hand with the principle of sustainability. 
That's a very fundamental aspect of all LANERDI stainless steel basin faucets. 
Maximum life span, a minimum of maintenance, and a timeless, unceasingly attractive design make our faucets a wise investment. 
You can count on it, regardless of whether for the private or the public bathroom area. 

Redecorate Your Bathroom

Clean lines and a unique design come together in the LANERDI stainless steel  bathroom faucets and accessories, crating a bathroom fixtures that’s stylish and contemporary.
  • bathroom-basin-faucet
    Stainless Steel Basin Faucets
    Whether you want more elbow room when washing your hands, a comfortable way to wash your hair or just fill containers, the higher the tap, the more flexible your options become. 
    We call the space between the tap and the ceramics the ComfortZone because you can use it however you like.
    You'll find a stainless steel bathroom faucet that's right for you in Lanerdi
  • bathroom-accessories
    Stainless Steel Bathroom Accessories
    Easy to specify and eminently versatile, the stainless steel bathroom accessories provide contemporary design and storage solutions that can be personalized to any bathroom design and routine. 
    Simply begin with frame size and finish, then choose from coordinating trays, holders, containers, and hooks to create a customized solution to store, display, or hang bathroom essentials.


Over 19 years of experience in the process of manufacturing stainless steel taps and accessories, offering the best prices and a professional and customised after-sales service
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