The Many Types and Styles of Stainless Steel Bathroom Faucets

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A stainless steel bathroom faucet is an excellent addition to either a bathroom or kitchen. The faucet itself usually has a very smooth stainless steel exterior lined with porcelain enameling. This creates an easy to clean finish and a very appealing look. Since most stainless steel faucets are also sold in matching bathroom cabinets, there is no extra cost involved for matching parts. Most bathroom faucet kits include a matching spray faucet head and spray tap.


When shopping for a bathroom faucet you will likely notice that many of the new, more modern designs come with a brushed finish. A brushed finish is similar to a satin finish, but it is not as flashy nor as shiny. Brushed stainless steel still has the same great qualities that make it a great finish for your bathroom faucet: It is durable, it looks good, and it is long lasting.


Many new faucets will come standard with a stainless steel body, but if you already have one, the chances are that the hardware is already matched. Most bathroom faucet kits include a matching handle and spray tap so there is really no extra needed. If you do want to purchase the body separately, keep in mind that the handles can come in different finishes such as chrome or nickel. Chrome is a little less shiny than satin and it is a little harder to clean. 

stainless steel bathroom faucet

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