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Bathroom Mixer Taps - A Wide Variety to Choose From

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What exactly is a Bathroom Mixer Tap? A tap which delivers both hot and cold water from a single outlet is called basin mixer tap. With this kind of taps you can easily regulate the temperature of water in many ways including by adjusting the various taps, by using modern screw on/off taps, and traditional lever operated taps. The basin mixer tap provides a consistent water flow.

The basin mixer tap with single spout offers the best option when you have fewer than 2 bathroom vessels or toilets. The advantage of these types of taps is that they offer easy control over the flow of both hot and cold water and hence they are quite popular. These types of taps also help you to get rid of the necessity of keeping a large thermostat for controlling the temperature of water. Since there is only a single hot and cold water outlet, the thermostat has to be left turned off and the water kept at a constant temperature. If you have more than 2 vessels it can prove to be difficult to control the temperature of the water.

The basin taps with dual handles offer a very stylish and elegant look. They have the advantage of offering both hot and cold water and can be used for many different purposes. The advantage of dual basin taps is that you can easily turn the hot or cold water on or off whichever way suits your needs. The bathroom mixer taps with single and double handles are equally convenient. As these bath taps can be used to shower, wash hands or do other bathing activities, they make for an excellent choice and you will not regret the investment.

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